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  • Open-source updates 1 August 2021

    This week I got publishing permissions for django-cursor-pagination, we finally have a version that support the latest version of django! I also kept working on the Strawberry workflow for generating images for Twitter.

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  • Open-source updates 26 July 2021

    This week we merged a big PR that improves the internal structure of Strawberry making it easier to maintain and to use programmatically. Plus more updates :)

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  • Using Apollo Federation with local schemas

    Recently I needed to create a proxy to a third party API in our GraphQL Federation schema but didn’t want to spin up a new service just for this. This blog posts explains how to use a local schemas inside the Apollo Federation Gateway.

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  • Hello there 👋

    Hi there, this is my new personal space on the web. I've been thinking of redoing my website and start writing blogs posts about the things I've been working on, hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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  • About me

    My name is Patrick Arminio, I'm a software developer based in London, UK. I specialize in creating web applications using Python, GraphQL and React.

    I'm currently working at Pollen as a Senior Software Engineer.

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