Open-source updates - 01 August 2021

Open-source updates - 01 August 2021

This week I got publishing permissions for django-cursor-pagination, we finally have a version that support the latest version of django! I also kept working on the Strawberry workflow for generating images for Twitter.

Django Cursor Pagination 0.1.5

There’s finally a new version of Django Cursor Pagination! I’ve recentely been granted permission to publish a new version of the package, so I did that today :)

We use this package at work and we had pinned the git commit that has fixed some small issues with the latest Django versions. But now we can revert that to use normal dependencies, hopefully other people can do this too.

Release cards for Strawberry

This is taking more time than I wanted, but I manged to get some progress, we have a brand new action that creates an image that can be used on twitter. It will contain the contributor name, the version number and the release notes.

I have a work-in-progress PR that will use this action here:

The plan is to generated a card preview when there’s a release note file. Then we will generate the card again when we merge the PR and release a new version and will also send a tweet with the image. I also want to mention the contributor on Twitter, but we need a way to store their username (maybe a file). I hope to get this done next week.

In the mean while don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates:

Changed the CDN for GraphiQL on Strawberry

This wasn’t done or reviewed by me but I think it is worth mentioning, we switched the CDN for GraphiQL from jsdeliver to unpkg to fix a loading issue.

Thanks to Tim Savage for the PR!

Other updates

As mentioned above I’ve spent most of my time on the release cards, I’m planning to merge this PR in the next couple of days though:

This will make it easier to introspect the queries done by clients and see what fields they have requested, for example you can use it to optimise Django queries :)

We also rebooted a discussion on adding support for validation, this could be a very useful feature, if you have ideas or suggestions feel free to jump in the discussions!

See you next week!

Oh, and happy Switzerland national day! 🇨🇭

Written at Rule Zero 🎲.