Open-source updates - 08 August 2021

Open-source updates - 08 August 2021

This week I finally completed the workflow to send a tweet when a new release of Strawberry is published. We also had our monthly meeting! Not many people have joined, but I have some ideas on how to improve attendance.

Release cards

Oof, this took a very long time to make! But I’m happy with the end result. We now have a couple of additional GitHub action workflows to send a tweet when a release is publish. These workflow will extract the tweet from a file, if it exists, otherwise there’s a default message, they will also validate the tweet to make sure they satisfy twitter’s validation rules and will generate a release card preview in the PR, so we can make sure the card looks nice. We can also override the contents in case the release notes don’t fit the card.

I’ve definitely learned a lot of GitHub action an hope to extract some of the custom actions I’ve made to repos that can be reused by other, but I’ll need to clean up the code a bit 😊

Here’s an example tweet created by this new workflow:

So much better than the previous automated message!

I’m thinking of making the release-cards action more reusable, if it might be useful for you let me know!

Query validations

Speaking of releases, Jon implemented support for validation rules and created a validation rules that allows to disabled deeply nested queries.

This a really useful feature as it allows to create custom rules to make your APIs more secure. We might add more built-in rules in future 😊

I’ve also removed our custom GitHub action to use, which appears to be faster and also fixes the PRs when some checks change the files. I’m definitely liking it!

Our monthly meeting

A while ago we decided to run monthly meeting to get feedback from the community and be more open about the development of the library. We don’t have a lot of people attending these meetings and I think it is mostly because we don’t really do a good job at promoting them. We definitely need to automate the messages on discord and Twitter so people have enough time to prepare for the meeting. Maybe we should also post about the meetings in our newsletter. I’ll try to make sometime to automate the messages, hopefully there’s a discord bot for that, or I can use another GitHub action :D


So yeah, this week I definitely spent a lot of time on the action work, but I think it was worth it, as we will give more recognition to our contributors and more useful tweets to our users 😊

Next week I’ll start review old PRs, as they are piling up now!

See you next week and happy anniversary to my parents ❤️

Written at Neighbourhood 🍕.