Open-source updates - 22 August 2021

Open-source updates - 22 August 2021

This was a slow week but I managed to review and merge some PRs on Strawberry and we also released a new version of Strawberry GraphQL Django that supports the latest version of Strawberry 😊

Strawberry GraphQL Django

This week I’ve merged and release the PR from Vojtěch Dohnal that updates Strawberry GraphQL Django to support the latest release of Strawberry.

I think we should start thinking about merging Strawberry GraphQL Django into Strawberry itself, it might be a good topic for the next monthly meeting.

Feedback form

As I mentioned in the previous post we added a feedback form on our website and we already got some feedbacks from our users. For example one feedback was related to the lack of documentation on Apollo Federation support. I have a PR for this that I need to finish. Having these feedbacks will help us prioritize the docs that are needed the most.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to finish that PR and also work on other documentation pages.

Code reviews

Me and Jon merged a few PRs this week, most of them are by Jonathan Ehwald 💯

The first PR is to remove our dependency on hupper, we were using it to have some sort of auto-reload feature. We have switched to using uvicorn’s reloader instead, so we have one less thing to maintain and one less dependency to install.


Jonathan also added a couple of new features related to support async in extensions and permission classes. I think async in python is going to be used more and more over time and we should make sure we have proper support for it.

Jonathan’s PRs added support for async in extensions and permission classes without making the API cumbersome. You can basically mix and match async and sync methods and they should just work. Really excited by this!


We also got a nice PR to improve error logging, this was done by Ivan Gonzalez along with a couple of other PRs to improve docs for FastAPI and ASGI.

Definitely happy seeing people taking time to fix PRs and improve the library overall. The error logging PR is quite nice as it makes it easier to debug errors so it a nice dx improvement.


Michael Ossareh also sent a PR to fix an issue in the docs! Thank you! ❤️


And finally Jon sent a PR to prevent automatic updates to graphql-core’s minor versions. This is mostly related to the fact that graphql-core doesn’t really follow semantic versioning so minor releases might break compatibility.


Python 3.10

I spent a tiny bit of time trying to merge my PR to add support and test for Python 3.10, but unfortunately Poetry still doesn’t work on Python 3.10. So I’ll wait a bit more for that, we still have a bit of time before Python 3.10 is releases, and tests should be passing, so we won’t have a lot of work to do.

Tweet workflow

I’ve also made a tiny change in the tweet workflow to support new lines better. But apparently it didn’t work well enough:

I think I’ll try to move the github action we use for tweets to a new repo in future as it will make it easier to test and it might also be reused by others.


A bit of a slow week but I have definitely made some progress, I’ll be travelling at end of next week so I might not have a lot of time to write a report or to do reviews, but we’ll see!

Written at home 😊