Open-source updates - 19 September 2021

Open-source updates - 19 September 2021

Another slow week, I did review some PRs and we had our monthly meeting for Strawberry, which I think was quite productive.

Monthly meeting

Every month we try to have a public meeting for Strawberry GraphQL.

You can find the notes about the meeting here; this time we had more people than usual, even though not many did add their participation to the notes.

We discussed a few topics, like the direction and goal of Strawberry, whether we should integrate Strawberry GraphQL Django into core or not, how we will get to v1.0 and other things, make sure you checkout the notes here if you’re curious and, as always, feel free to ask us any questions.


I felt extremely tired this week, so I didn’t do much work around Strawberry, I did review some PRs though:

Bryce made a PR to fix a couple of issues with Generics, LazyTypes and Enums. This has been merged and released now.

Matt made a PR to add support for creating interfaces from Pyndatic types. Thanks to Matt again for improving the Pydantic integration!

Jon made a PR to fix an issue with optional inputs/variables

And finally Olesia made a PR to raise 400 when sending a malformed query to the ASGI integration. This was Olesia first contribution 👏


Hopefully next week will be better. I think I’ll spend time reviewing issues, as hacktober fest is coming soon and I’d love to have “good first” issues for new contributors!

Written at home 😴